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Grow Daily is a way to dig deeper into the Bible aimed to help you reflect on the passage we’re looking at in our current series.

Anzac Day

Anzac Day 2014: Remembering Sacrifice

It’s a wonderful quirk of the 2014 calendar that ANZAC Day lands a week after Easter this year. Both days are significant for us. ANZAC Day is about remembering sacrifices made on our behalf. Easter is about God remembering us, and making a sacrifice on our behalf.


Why did Jesus have to die?

Bob Carr, the former foreign minister, set a challenge on Monday night for a preacher to explain why the death of Jesus had to happen. Here’s an answer.


Living Hope: A series on 1 Peter

Following Jesus means living a life of hope. A life of Living Hope. Hope that transforms the way we live and the way we respond to the hard stuff life throws at us. In this series we’ll be exploring the hope Jesus offers from the first letter the Apostle Peter wrote to the church.